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Italy: Mr Berlusconi and free press
post pubblicato in Articoli in inglese,pubblicati per il sito www.agoravox.com, il 22 settembre 2009
 Mr B. is a 73 -year -old man who feels young. So young that he has parties every time possible. So young and powerful that everyone seems to want to be like him. He has luxurious and magnificent villas in the most beautiful Italian places. He has so much money that he could buy some poorer countries. He is the richest Italian man: he has many industries that include also a big piece of media information. He also represents the Italian people in the world. Or better, Mr B. is Italy itself. “He is a sultan,” said in his book Giovanni Sartori, the greatest Italian politologyst.

The last scandal which involves Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister, began on May 3,2009 when Veronica Lario , his wife, sent a letter to “La Repubblica” ,the most important Italian newspaper, in which she wrote she wanted a divorce because Mr B. “regularly sees some people under age of 18” and “he has many problems. He should be treated”. She accused her husband of going to a party to celebrate the 18th birthday of Noemi Letizia ,who sure “isn’t his secret daughter,” added Veronica. Berlusconi ,soon after this episode denied everything .He said his wife was a victim of the parliamentary opposition who put on an act adding that he went to Letizia’ s party only because he knew well her parents.

But Berlusconi wasn’t able to explain how he met Noemi’s parents, he wasn’t able to prove that the meeting with her were only at the presence of her’ s relatives. In fact many Italian newspapers discovered Noemi was seen in more than one Berlusconi’s parties without relatives and in an interview given to “Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno”, another Italian newspaper, Noemi said : “I use to name Berlusconi “papi” and when he calls me I go to Rome and I listen to him .And we sing together,” adding “ he promised to me to help me in my career as a showgirl or as a politician.” This “sexygate” that affects also the selection of the political class, caused to Berlusconi lots of trouble because the international press was involved too.

He went on to say there was and international conspiracy against him, so accused “The Times” to criticize him only because of the business competition between Mediaset (Berlusconi’s TV) and Sky (owned by Murdoch).

In June Patrizia D’addario revealed in the national press: “I was paid 1000 euros to spend two nights with Berlusconi, instead of 2000 euros of agreements,” adding that “Berlusconi promoted me in vain to be a candidate for the city council.” Gianpaolo Tarantini, the businessman who provided the girls to Mr. B’s parties is enquired to encourage the prostitution and to push cocaine. On September 18, 2009 he was arrested before trying to escape.

But this scandal seems to be at the beginning: Berlusconi, through his lawer, Ghedini (who seats in Parliament in Berlusconi’s party, “Il popolo delle libertà”), has sued “La Repubblica” for libel, to have published ten questions about his relationship with Noemi Letizia. So now there’s on the website of La Repubblica, an appeal to save the Italian free press from the Berlusconi’s last attempt at silencing it. The appeal has been signed by 400000 persons (also by Sting, Daniel Pennac, Dario Fo and other VIP’s as can be seen in the list there: http://www.repubblica.it/informazione-firme/index.html ).

On October 3,2009 there will be a manifestation to claim press freedom in Piazza del Popolo in Rome organized by FNSI, the national trade union of journalist.